Underground Fungal Colonies Act as Aid Networks For Some Older Trees, Scientists Find

Joseph Birch (ALES) discusses his study that shows the more fungal colonies mature trees are connected to, the better they grow – an important discovery for forest management and climate change response.

California wildfires are huge this year, but not deadliest

With months still to go in California’s fire season, the state has already shattered records for the amount of land scorched in a single year — more than 4 million acres to date, with one blaze alone surpassing the 1 million acre mark. Mike Flannigan (Renewable Resources) is interviewed.

World on fire

World on Fire, is a five-part podcast that takes us to the front lines of out of control wildfires in Canada, Australia and California. Recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic, hosts Adrienne Lamb and wildfire expert Mike Flannigan (Renewable Resources) look at what it takes to find hope…

Alberta Wildfire lifts off-highway vehicle ban, fire ban still in effect

According to Mike Flannigan (Renewable Resources), more than 80 per cent of Alberta’s wildfires in May are started by humans, citing potential ignition sources like campfires or sparks from recreational vehicles.