‘Armchair rancher’ app could help beef producers make smart business decisions based on data

Graham Plastow (Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Science) is mixing agriculture with AI to develop a tool that will help ranchers get ahead of trends in everything from weather to beef prices.

Proper use of implants for calves

U of A carcass and meat scientist Heather Bruce (Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Sciences) says growth rate and carcass quality may be enhanced by proper use of growth implants. But this can have a negative impact on meat quality.

Women academics worry the pandemic is squeezing their research productivity

University of Alberta associate professor Carla Prado (Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Sciences) colour-coded her overwhelming number of work-from-home tasks on a white board. The next time she looked at her to-do list, her toddler had doodled all over it. This is what academic work looks like…