From Recife to Edmonton: Dr. Gleise Silva takes the helm of new research chair

A story featuring Gleise Silva (Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Science) recently appointed as the inaugural Beef Cattle Research Council-Hays research chair in beef production systems.

Dairy researcher aims to buy more time for dairy calves to absorb vital antibodies

PhD candidate Becs Hiltz (Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Science) is picking up where scientists left off 40 years ago, trying to solve a problem of delayed immunity that affects nearly a third of calves worldwide.

Online tool helps canola producers get a leg up on blackleg disease

Yixiao Wang’s (Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Science) research has been used to develop a tool for Western Canadian canola farmers to get a better idea of how a disease common to the plant could affect their bottom line.

University of Alberta researcher will focus on beef costs

Gleise M. Silva (Department of Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Science), U of A’s incoming BCRC-Hays Chair in Beef Production Systems, discusses how she will work with prairie farmers and ranchers to help them find ways to cut the cost of raising cattle while …

App uses new technology to manage herds

David Wishart (Science) and Graham Plastow (ALES – Department of Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Science) are collaborating to develop the Arm-Chair Ranching app, a smart-device application that would use data regularly collected by cattle farmers to make optimal herd and animal management…