Combination of drugs for obesity and Type 2 diabetes may be more effective than a single therapy

Canadian and German researchers work together to identify personalized prescriptions for weight loss and blood glucose control, especially for kids.

Nutrition researcher receives new funding to find out why diet affects immunity

Catherine Field (Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Science) received new funding for equipment to further her research to determine why diet affects immunity—part of $4.8 million in foundational research infrastructure for 23 projects out of the U of A.

Researchers discover better measure of future risk for heart disease, diabetes in youth living with obesity

Nutrition research (Dr. Spencer Proctor – Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Science) shows type of cholesterol produced as we consume food is a stronger predictor of health risk than the more commonly tested “bad” cholesterol.

High-Protein Diet Is a Promising Strategy to Fight Obesity Emergency

Carla Prado (Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Sciences) discusses how a high-protein diet not only promotes better metabolism, but it may also be the key to fighting worldwide obesity. “In our opinion, it is imperative to first understand the physiological impact of a high-protein total diet replac

Why losing weight isn’t the right reason to adopt a healthier lifestyle

Making common-sense food choices, doing physical activities you enjoy and not being too hard on yourself are more likely to help you lead a healthy lifestyle than worrying about losing weight or counting calories, according to U of A experts. (Photo: Getty Images)