Four leading researchers named to Royal Society of Canada

Carla Prado (Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Science), whose research focuses on the relationship between muscle mass, nutrition and cancer survival, was named to the Royal Society of Canada’s College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists.

Nutrition researcher receives new funding to find out why diet affects immunity

Catherine Field (Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Science) received new funding for equipment to further her research to determine why diet affects immunity—part of $4.8 million in foundational research infrastructure for 23 projects out of the U of A.

Are cheaper eggs just as nutritious as organic or free-run options? Marketplace tested 14 brands to find out

Doug Korver (Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Science) worked with CBC Marketplace to test 14 brands of eggs to see whether there were nutritional differences between different types of eggs.

Researchers discover better measure of future risk for heart disease, diabetes in youth living with obesity

Nutrition research (Dr. Spencer Proctor – Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Science) shows type of cholesterol produced as we consume food is a stronger predictor of health risk than the more commonly tested “bad” cholesterol.

Low quantity and quality of muscle predicts poor outcomes in colon cancer surgery

Carla Prado (Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Sciences) and her team followed 1,630 patients who received a diagnosis of Stage I to Stage III colon cancer. They found that low muscle mass was linked to greater post-operative complications, hospitalization and mortality.