U of A ag research receives WGRF funding

Dean Spaner (Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Science) leads a wheat breeding program that has received $288,550 through the Western Grains Research Foundation. The program also “conducts research into genetics of disease resistance, nitrogen-use efficiency in wheat, and supports other…

The Western Grains Research Foundation Approves $288,550 for Equipment at the University of Alberta

As part of its $32 million Capacity Initiative, WGRF is pleased to announce a $288,550 investment in the Wheat Breeding Program (WBP) at the University of Alberta for a research plot seeder and combine.

U of A strengthens agricultural expertise

Three-year, $3.7-million grant agreement with Alberta government boosts capacity for research that will benefit farmers and consumers. The Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences (ALES) is bringing on board research programs focused on several aspects of agriculture…

Wildfires, logging affect fungi pine forests depend on for survival, studies show

Disturbances can hit Alberta’s lodgepole pine forests hard—including life under the soil, which can stress forests and make it tougher for pine seedlings to regenerate, said Jean Rodriguez Ramos, a PhD candidate in Renewable Resources at the Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences

Rare moss clinging to life on B.C. cliff should be protected, says U of A expert

René Belland (Renewable Resources), encourages protection for the rare slender yoke-moss; a single square metre of limestone on the island of Haida Gwaii is the only known habitat in North America.