U of A expert, homebuilder team up to design ‘forever homes’ where people can stay as they grow older

Lara Pinchbeck (Human Ecology) and Les Wold (Business graduate) explain how innovative research can help builders design low-cost features that make it easier for homeowners to maintain their independence over the long term.

Low quantity and quality of muscle predicts poor outcomes in colon cancer surgery

Carla Prado (Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Sciences) and her team followed 1,630 patients who received a diagnosis of Stage I to Stage III colon cancer. They found that low muscle mass was linked to greater post-operative complications, hospitalization and mortality.

Protracted caregiving can take toll: U of A study

“Caregiving” is often more than a brief, one-off experience and for those coping as caregivers for decades, it can take a toll on health, finances and relationships, shows new research out of the University of Alberta. Family economist Janet Fast (Human Ecology) is quoted.

Why losing weight isn’t the right reason to adopt a healthier lifestyle

Making common-sense food choices, doing physical activities you enjoy and not being too hard on yourself are more likely to help you lead a healthy lifestyle than worrying about losing weight or counting calories, according to U of A experts. (Photo: Getty Images)