Beef sector survived COVID shocks

“After a year of adjusting to the shocks associated with COVID-19, the Canadian cattle and beef sector faces a relatively optimistic future,” writes James Rude (Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology) in the Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics.

University of Alberta and TELUS partner on a 5G ‘living lab’

The $15-million TELUS 5G Living Lab will help the U of A leverage its leading expertise and industry collaborations in agriculture and food systems to create new teaching and research opportunities.

Press Release: Trouw Nutrition announces strategic partnership with University of Alberta to spark animal nutrition innovation

We are pleased to announce a new strategic partnership between University of Alberta (UoA), one of Canada’s top teaching and research universities, and Trouw Nutrition, global leader in animal feeding solutions and services. Trouw Nutrition will work collaboratively with scientists of the Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences (ALES), to enable the acceleration of key research and development activities using University of Alberta facilities. ALES is recognized for its strength in nutrition research across animals and humans.

Dressing down: Pandemic hits to the clothing industry shaping up to be a fashion disaster

Retail is only the tip of an industry that extends to fashion designers, apparel manufacturers, textile producers and even agricultural operations, says Lori Moran (Human Ecology), a recently retired U of A professor who was assistant chair of the Human Ecology department.

Fashion industry facing dire consequences

Fashion expert Lori Moran (Human Ecology) said there are major losses accruing in the fashion world because of the pandemic. She said a lot of Canadian retailers were already in trouble before the pandemic, and now they’re facing a major inventory glut after months of being closed.