Forestry field school gets a makeover for a growing industry

Ellen Macdonald (Renewable Resources) discusses the significant changes and expansions to the field school which gives students exposure to the entire forestry industry as well as the practical skills to get the edge in the job market.

Michael Huang – ALES Finalist in 3MT (Three Minute Thesis) Competition

I’m researching the economics aspects of wildfire suppression expenditures in Alberta. Through my research, I want to help decision-makers if Alberta Wildfire considers how best practices in firefighting resource allocation can be made even better.

2020: A climate change turning point?

Mike Flannigan (Renewable Resources) is on this panel of climate change experts–the segment also introduces a documentary film ‘Borealis’ that Flannigan & other U of A experts contributed to: Stan Boutin (Science), Nadir Erbilgin (Renewable Resources), professor emeritus David Schindler (Science)