Groundbreaking research could help ranchers optimize free-range grazing

Edward Bork & Carolyn Fitzsimmons (Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Science) describe a new University of Alberta research project that could help ranchers customize their cattle to the type of pastures they have, creating economic and envir…

Dairy researcher aims to buy more time for dairy calves to absorb vital antibodies

PhD candidate Becs Hiltz (Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Science) is picking up where scientists left off 40 years ago, trying to solve a problem of delayed immunity that affects nearly a third of calves worldwide.

‘Armchair rancher’ app could help beef producers make smart business decisions based on data

Graham Plastow (Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Science) is mixing agriculture with AI to develop a tool that will help ranchers get ahead of trends in everything from weather to beef prices.

‘Historic fears’ will put food supply at risk, say researchers

Sven Anders (Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology) and an international team of researchers have raised the alarm over stalled adoption of biotechnologies, which they argue would otherwise improve future food security.

Fertilizer and biostimulant show promise

Sheau-Fang Hwang (Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Sciences) is interviewed about research she conducted on a particular product’s effect on clubroot in canola. While the results are intriguing, Hwang notes much more research would be needed to confirm effectiveness in the field and …

Pandemic-related income loss expected to double food insecurity in Canada

Ellen Goddard (Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology) predicts larger problems on the horizon, due to the economic fallout of COVID-19, for those suffering from food insecurity.