Groundbreaking research could help ranchers optimize free-range grazing

Edward Bork & Carolyn Fitzsimmons (Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Science) describe a new University of Alberta research project that could help ranchers customize their cattle to the type of pastures they have, creating economic and envir…

What is the N.W.T. doing to protect its ‘globally significant’ peatlands?

Peatlands in the N.W.T. store immense amounts of carbon, and experts including postdoctoral fellow Lorna Harris (Renewable Resources) say it’s important to keep that carbon in the ground to curb further climate change.

Video: Unfamiliar Underwater Utterances: Baffled by the Sounds of Alberta Lakes

Over the past winter, spring, and summer, John Acorn and Yelena Cerezke-Reimer (Renewable Resources) have had the pleasure of exploring three remarkable aspects of the underwater soundscapes of local lakes. In this video they explore the underwater soundscape of three Alberta lakes.