Video: Unfamiliar Underwater Utterances: Baffled by the Sounds of Alberta Lakes

Over the past winter, spring, and summer, John Acorn and Yelena Cerezke-Reimer (Renewable Resources) have had the pleasure of exploring three remarkable aspects of the underwater soundscapes of local lakes. In this video they explore the underwater soundscape of three Alberta lakes.

Who Will Save the Slender Yoke-Moss?

Rene Belland (Renewable Resources) is interviewed in this piece about a rare moss clinging to life on the side of a BC cliff. Belland chairs the mosses and lichens group at the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada, which recently listed the species as endangered.

Rare moss clinging to life on B.C. cliff should be protected, says U of A expert

René Belland (Renewable Resources), encourages protection for the rare slender yoke-moss; a single square metre of limestone on the island of Haida Gwaii is the only known habitat in North America.