Research project aims to curb decline of biodiversity and improve health of Indigenous peoples worldwide

The Ărramăt Project, co-led by ALES professor Brenda Parlee, was recently awarded $24 million from the federal government’s New Frontiers in Research Fund.

Indigenous knowledge should inform COVID-19 recovery strategy, say Yukoners in top science journal

A team of Yukoners has published a letter in the prestigious academic journal Science, arguing that Indigenous principles and knowledge should inform a global strategy for recovering from the pandemic. Co-author Jared Gonet (Renewable Resources) is interviewed.

Rare moss clinging to life on B.C. cliff should be protected, says U of A expert

René Belland (Renewable Resources), encourages protection for the rare slender yoke-moss; a single square metre of limestone on the island of Haida Gwaii is the only known habitat in North America.