Women academics worry the pandemic is squeezing their research productivity

University of Alberta associate professor Carla Prado (Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Sciences) colour-coded her overwhelming number of work-from-home tasks on a white board. The next time she looked at her to-do list, her toddler had doodled all over it. This is what academic work looks like…

Dressing down: Pandemic hits to the clothing industry shaping up to be a fashion disaster

Retail is only the tip of an industry that extends to fashion designers, apparel manufacturers, textile producers and even agricultural operations, says Lori Moran (Human Ecology), a recently retired U of A professor who was assistant chair of the Human Ecology department.

Cloth Facemasks: Merging Science & Home Remedies

You may have gone online to get answers on how to make a cloth facemask at home and what type of materials to use. Dr. Anne Bissonnette of ALES’ Human Ecology Department has dug into the research and presents these results and a pattern.